Interstate Branches Begin Incorporation Process

Community recognition and appreciation of the achievements and history of Australia’s moving image industries’ rich and proud heritage moved a step closer last week with incorporation procedures commencing to enable the establishment of the Eastern and Southern Region branches of the Australian Museum of Motion Picture Technology.

Australian Cinematographers Society, Cinema and Theatre Historical Society, and Australian Cinema Pioneers Society members joined with representatives from the television industry and local AMMPT members who gathered at the NFSA offices in Sydney and the Lemac theatrette in Melbourne. It was decided to take positive action to establish local branches of AMMPT with the legalities of incorporation being initiated.

Interim steering teams have been formed to coordinate and arrange local meetings.  With nearly five years of continual growth, the Western Region branch will offer advice and join with the new branch committees in formulating and refining national policies. There will also be financial assistance given to the two new branches to cover their legal establishment and initial administrative expenses.

Each branch will collaborate with, but remain independent of existing State archives, museums and kindred entities. They will support and promote recognised collectors and industry based private museums by assisting them attain standards and adopt procedures expected of community based museums open to the public. AMMPT already works closely with the national Museums Australia organisation and with State based similar support avenues. It encourages its members to attend courses designed to increase their knowledge of the procedures and disciplines required if AMMPT is to be considered a serious contributor to the conservation and display of a specialised area of this nations’ heritage.

Media release written and sent by past AMMPT President Daryl Binning