RON TUTT ( 1924-2011)

Ron Tuitt

 It is with great sadness that AMMPT notes the passing of Ron Tutt (1924-2011) a well known and respected Perth cinema identity.

Daryl Binning with Ron Tutt in 2006
Daryl Binning with Ron Tutt in 2006

Ron was born in Tasmania where his father was a government photographer. He was to pursue a career as a pilot in England, prior to the second world war. During the war he flew sorties throughout Europe and North Africa employing photographic skills he had acquired for photo reconnaissance. After the war, he worked as a professional photographer in England, before heading to Hollywood in 1957, where he trained as a cinematographer.

Richard Rennie, Ron Tutt and Gerry Voutsinas at the Light and Sound Discovery Centre in 2006
Richard Rennie, Ron Tutt and Gerry Voutsinas at the Light and Sound Discovery Centre in 2006

He had hopes of entering this field in Australia when an attempt was made during the 1960’s to invigorate the local film industry. By the 1970’s, Ron was concentrating more on the projection field.
In 2008, Television and Cinema historian Richard Ashton produced a short video on Perth’s summertime outdoor movie venue, the Burswood Cinema. This popular outdoor attraction was designed and built under the directions of Ron Tutt.

Ron Tutt – Burswood Cinema

WA TV History

The late Ron Tutt: a well known and respected Perth cinema identity.

Not only was Ron responsible for the Burswood, which each summer features prime movie releases, but he also organised and designed a number of the popular outdoor cinemas around Western Australia. This includes the Poon Saan Cinema for the Christmas Island Cinema Club.

Throughout his life Ron was a significant contributor to Western Australia’s screen industry and especially the Film and Television Institute (FTI), for which Ron was instrumental in the renovation of the FTI Cinema and the creation of the Bohemia Outdoor Cinema, which is the place to see short films and showcase events including Tropfest; Doco Club, films Made at FTI and nominations for the WA Screen Awards. There’s also the Bohemia Outdoor Film Festival.

Not only was Ron a long time supporter of FTI and made an Honorary Life Member in 2007, he was also an AMMPT member who participated in a number of valued projects.

FTI course graduate Jake McCallum made a 4 minute long micro-documentary featuring Ron as he reminisces on his years in the screen industry and the changing roles of projectionists.

Ron Tutt reminisces

In February of this year, a memorial service for Ron Tutt was held at the Astor in Mt Lawley for those who knew him and wished to pay their respects.

Ron was a pioneer of the Australian film industry and a great friend to many – he will be dearly missed.

On 26/04/2011, at 1:59 PM, ian stimson wrote:

After being demobbed from WW2 Ron Tutt aquired the Italian SAFAR 16 mm Projector Moulds/Castings and setup a works making these little projectors. He set about making a curved film gate, replacing the straight gate that SAFAR used,These projectors were totally self contained with an amplifier made by ECHO-BEAM Ltd UK. and were know as DANSON 540 projectors.These were made from about 1948 until the 1953s. Eddie Mills used to assemble the Audio Amplifiers.The year of manufacture was part of the serial number the one that I have is 5223 This I picked up at an auction in Bunbury for $2.00. You can find a picture of one on Michael Rogge’ website or do a google for DANSON

I believe that he brought out to Australia all the spare parts with him when the business closed up.

DANSON 540 projector


















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